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Tell me about RideCover Comprehensive?

Whether you’re nipping to the shops or picking up a fare, hit the road with peace of mind thanks to our RideShare policy.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Cover for your car from accidents, theft, vandalism and natural perils (such as flood and storm1) for personal and rideshare use of your vehicle (up to the lesser of the market value of your vehicle or $70,000)

Part-Time or Full-Time cover options

Select cover depending on whether you are a part-time or full-time Rideshare Driver2.

Cover for Rideshare passenger damage

Worried about bad pick ups? We offer cover against theft or Rideshare passenger vandalism or malicious acts (up to the lesser of the market value of your vehicle or $70,000.

Option to pay monthly with zero cancellation fees

Annual policy, with monthly payment options. You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

Missing a fare isn’t fair

If you’ve been in an incident that’s not your fault and your vehicle cannot be driven, we’ll help keep your side hustle happening by arranging a rideshare hire vehicle, up to $100 per day (to a maximum of 1,000 kms per week)3.

Up to $10 million in liability cover

Protection if your vehicle causes an accident and a claim is made against you for loss or damage to someone else’s property4.

Optional Rideshare Hire vehicle after at-fault incident

Add an option to get a rideshare hire vehicle (up to $100 per day, to a maximum of 1,000 kms per week) after an at fault incident if your car cannot be driven5.

Optional glass damage protection

Add an option to avoid paying excess when you claim for glass damage only (like to your windscreen, sunroof or windows).

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What cover is included in our RideCover Comprehensive policy?

We offer cover for loss or damage to your vehicle (up to the lesser of the market value or $70,000) caused by:


Natural perils such as floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis1

Collision or crash

Theft or attempted theft



Vandalism or a malicious act

For the full list of covered events, exclusions and limitations, please read the the PDS and TMD for the applicable policy.

Important policies and information

Key information about our service, products and policies.

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Rideshare Cover Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
Target Market Determination (TMD)
Things you should know

Drivers under the age of 21 or those who have not held a licence for more than 12 months will not be covered by RideCover Comprehensive.

If we accept a claim for loss or damage to your vehicle we will (at our option):

  • repair the vehicle or pay the reasonable costs to repair your vehicle; or
  • pay you the lower of the market value of the vehicle or $70,000.

If we accept a claim under the liability cover, we will cover the cost of your legal liability arising from use of the vehicle that causes loss or damage to someone else’s property up to $10,000,000 for any one incident. If the vehicle is being used for rideshare services offered through a rideshare platform, we will only cover the legal liability of you or a nominated driver.

RideShare Hire Vehicle

Sometimes things can take an unexpected turn, like when your vehicle is damaged. To help keep you on your way, we’ve partnered with RAV to provide eligible customers with temporary rideshare ready-hire vehicles.

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Any questions?

Contact our friendly customer service team who are based in Australia.

Help and support

Log in and lodge

Submitting a claim under your ShareCover policy is as easy as logging in and lodging it.

1. Login to your ShareCover account

Login to your ShareCover account, select the relevant policy number and lodge your new claim.

2. Give us the lowdown

Share how the damage or loss happened. Provide the names of those involved in the incident. Be sure to upload any photos, invoices, or documents.

3. Get back to business

Once your claim has been submitted you can rest assured knowing one of our super friendly Claim Consultants will be in touch to discuss next steps within 1-3 business days.

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Do you need to make a claim now?

Make a claim

Can’t lodge online? You can also lodge a claim over the phone by calling 1300 216 233 (claim number only). Please have your policy number handy.

Things to know

1 We may not cover you for some severe weather events during an embargo period (which is usually when we know a severe weather event is about to occur).

2 If your vehicle is available for rideshare services through a rideshare platform for more than 30 hours per week, you are considered a full-time driver for the purposes of the policy.

3 We will arrange a rideshare hire vehicle until the vehicle is repaired or claim settled, if we agree it was the other driver’s fault and you provide the at-fault driver’s details.

4 If the vehicle is being used for rideshare services offered through a rideshare platform, we will only cover the legal liability of you or a nominated driver.

5 We can arrange a hire car until the earlier of: (i) 14 days, (ii) when the vehicle is repaired, or (iii) the claim is settled.

6 We will arrange a rideshare hire vehicle until the earliest of: (i) the date your vehicle is recovered and repaired; (ii) when we pay your claim for a total loss; or (iii) 14 days from the date you first hire the vehicle.

7 We don’t cover some personal items like cash, mobile phones, tools of trade or accessories fitted to your vehicle. We don’t provide cover for theft if you leave your vehicle (i) unlocked; (ii) with the keys in its ignition; or (iii) without activating any alarm or immobiliser.

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